Mutt Merch Nashville, TN

Mutt Merch | Nashville, TN

Mutt Merch is the brain child of Philip Shouse and Raquel Wynn. Living in Nashville has provided Phil and Raquel just the right atmosphere to foster Mutt Merch’s music-themed, dog-twisted stylistic tongue-in-cheekiness.

Phil and Raquel’s idea started while on the road back in 2007. Phil was knee deep in music, and Raquel was high off the Penguin release of her book “Stretch Your Dog Healthy.” Raquel’s book participates in health and wellness, providing a holistic approach to the overall lifestyle of dogs. Both Phil and Raquel longed to start a business together that highlighted the connection between dog and music lovers. The countless hours of listening and living great rock & roll music coupled with the antics of the dogs around them naturally led to the creation of Mutt Merch.


Raquel Wynn and Phil Shouse | Mutt Merch


After years of sniffing about, Phil and Raquel finally got the company up and running on all fours. With the help of some dear friends, their dream business was reaching the light of day at last. Mutt Merch boasts high quality, fashionable, screen printed t-shirts for dogs and their human friends. At Mutt Merch, we provide a t-shirt fit for everyone. Rock out with your most beloved breed and support dogs around the world!


Phil and Raquel’s combined affection for music and dogs is just the inspiration needed to keep Mutt Merch up and running. Their continued affection is contagious, bringing together two of life’s most valued gifts: music and pets!